Tuesday, February 9, 2010

1995 Pommard Premier Cru

1995 Remoissenet

1995 Remoissenet Pére & Fils Pommard-Épenots, AC Pommard Premier Cru

Second wine of the night. I found this wine and immediately picked it up, with this pairing in mind. Same vintage, bitter rivals, similar prices - even playing field, no?

Colour showing much more maturity. Not browning, but showing very pale. Colour just leeching out of the wine, no lustre. Nose shrieks of high acidity and pruney fruit. Acidity becoming unhinged on the palate as well. But, still some elegance left, and the acid paired very well with our food. I enjoyed the wine. It's clearly getting very tired, but I still enjoyed it. It spoke of its glory days, and proved (to me at least), that Bordeaux pleases the ego, but Burgundy pleases the soul.


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