Thursday, February 18, 2010

2009 Hawke's Bay

2009 Sileni Pinot Noir

2009 Sileni Cellar Selections Pinot Noir, Hawke's Bay, North Island

After being pleasantly surprised by their syrah, I just had to have a taste of this producer's pinot noir. Alas, not nearly as good. Not anywhere as good.

Candied, confected, over-macerated, pulverized fruit. Plonk, in other words. Are they handling this wine like a syrah? Or do they just not care? If this is the New Zealand pinot noir that people are being introduced to.......................why would you bother to try another one?



  1. Sorry to hear this Pinot was disappointing, however there are many fantastic NZ pinots being produced. Notably, Felton Road and Ata Rangi just won top prize at the recently held 2010 NZ Pinot Noir Festival. Just as you can find horrible wines in every country that makes wine, including Canada, horrible wine exists in NZ. I'd encourage you to keep trying. I love pinot and see some wonderful things coming out of NZ.

  2. Absolutely, I agree with you - look under the New Zealand label on the left, I've had positive experiences with NZ. I still think the majority, unfortunately, lack the balance and finesse that makes Burgundy the standard for pinot noir.

  3. And also, I don't care too much about these contests. I don't believe in any wine that touts how many competitions it's won. New Zealand, in particular, Otago has the ability to make great pinot noir, just like Oregon, just like Niagara, but unfortunately, not everyone shares the same philosophy about what constitutes a great pinot noir. That's how you end up with garbage like this. I'm rough on this wine because it's under $20, a price that most people will be attracted to. If this is the impression that's being left on people about Kiwi wines, then NZ should be worried.

  4. watch for reflections. try to point the flash away from the bottle to bounce off something (ie wall or large piece of white paper)

    looking forward to see more well lit shots

    reference vintages for product shots, they do an exceptional job, you'll need more tools than you have now...but one thing at a time

  5. Natalie MacLeans recent comments on this wine "Just pops out of the glass saying “Try me, common’, give it a go!” Lovely, vibrant aromas of fresh field strawberries and cherries. Big wow and mouth-watering acidity on the palate. Love it!" 90 Points...

  6. Clearly, we're not talking about the same wine. Why don't you have a taste and see for yourself.....instead of referring to what Natalie thinks about it.