Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bordeaux or Burgundy?

1999 Château Gazin

1999 Château Gazin, AC Pomerol

Wine is a culture, no? Are we agreed? If not, then there's no point to go further.

If you accept that wine is a culture, then you must accept that the wine reflects the people who make them, no? No doubt, the people are a reflection of the place and time that they come from, which after all, is the central thesis of terroir. Ok. Established.

I'm still struggling with whether to devote all subsequent cellar additions to Bordeaux or Burgundy. I'm veering ever more towards Burgundy,but then again..........I just did attend a Bordeaux tasting, didn't I?

Read this article from Decanter: Bordeaux vs Burgundy.

So, to be in line, do I identify more with the Bordelais, or the Bourguignons? Bordeaux bottles, with its stern Protestant shoulders, or Burgundy bottles, with its round joie de vivre?


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