Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cockles, white wine steamed

NZ Cockles

Cockles, done very simply. Thinly sliced ginger and green onion, quickly done in vegetable oil. A touch of black bean paste, then white wine on high heat. The cockles are tightly shut but as soon as they hit the heat, they pop open, quite dramatically in fact.

Pop, pop, pop...

Wow, these are briny. Very, very marine in flavour, but very clean. Very tender, meaty in texture. Delicious, but the addition of the black bean paste took it a bit too far. As in all good things, keep the seasoning to a minimum, and work to let the true taste reveal itself.



  1. this is a popular cantonese dish

  2. Is that right? I had never even heard of cockles until 2 weeks ago.