Thursday, February 25, 2010

Etiquette, for the ladies

1995 Pomerol/Pommard

There are far too many dicks who go to restaurants trying to impress the girls they're with, making total jackasses of themselves by mishandling the wine order. Because of course, dicks trying to impress chicks will always insist on ordering a bottle of Californian cab - no white wine, no South American, and certainly no input from their dining companion.'s how to tell if the person you're sitting across from is a man of taste, or a tool. He should first consult with you about any wine preferences you have. Then, he should consider what you're both eating, because ordering a Napa bomb with filet of sole is an entirely different kind of disaster. And lastly, when the server hands him the cork, he needs to inspect it for any flaws (seeping, mold), and that the label on the cork matches the label on the bottle. The best thing to do if you don't know what to do with a cork? Just leave it on the table. Don't sniff it!

It's not gentlemanly to order the wine to spread your ego. It's not gentlemanly to order an unsuitable wine. And it's not gentlemanly to completely disregard your dinner companion because you want to show her that you can take charge. Now, if the woman has no taste of her own...well that's a whole different matter entirely now, is it............


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