Thursday, February 4, 2010

NV Rosé Champagne


NV Michel Brocard Rosé Brut, RM Champagne

A grower Champagne of the highest quality. Comprising 100% pinot noir, which is extremely rare for a rosé Champagne. Destemmed and crushed, the grapes macerate for 3 days before pressing. You then obtain a wine with an intense colour and concentration, showing all the character and vinosity of a fine Burgundy.

I can't get over how dark the colour is. Anyways, I opened this bottle for my mother's birthday. A bit nervous, as this bottle's been sitting on store shelves for a while. Not a good sign when you're scrambling for wine's to open for your mother's birthday, but things are as they are - it can only get better from here. Her birthday was actually last Monday, but since both myself and my father got so sick that day, we celebrated on Friday. Had a glass of this on Thursday, then put a stopper on it for Friday.

Beautiful colour, very luminous. Fantastic raspberry and cherry aromas, very lively mousse. Excellent fruit, with that characteristic autolysis character. Great energy in the mouth, fresh and juicy fruit. I let it sit in the glass for about an hour, for the carbonic gas to escape. Wonderful. This wine was so incredible as a still wine - mushroom, earth aromas, with a lovely creaminess to the bouquet. So complex, remarkably similar to an old Burgundy. Fruit lingers, but the palate is very rich, very weighty. Lots of extract and grip, with an ethereally lengthy finish. Spectacularly vinous - the first time that term's made sense to me!

Who knew a rosé Champagne could show so profound? I certainly was not expecting this.


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