Monday, February 22, 2010

The perfume of asparagus


Ahh, asparagus. An oft-maligned vegetable. Phallic in appearance, delicious in taste. And produces a most unusual perfume on exit. Yes, as Marcel Proust so eloquently put it, asparagus, ...transforms my chamber-pot into a flask of perfume.

It's still unclear why asparagus has such an effect on urine. There are many articles which attempt to explain the science behind it - I'd like to think that there are those who's genes allow them to break down the compounds differently, contributing to this bouquet. And that in the same regard, there are those who's genes allow them to smell this bouquet. This is definitely not a universal phenomenon - many people report no differences in their urine after eating asparagus.

Now, if I were to describe the aroma the way I describe everything else...I'd say it was pungent, with a nutty and almost iron aroma. Round, and very green.

What has LCF come to?? My goodness. Short of swishing it in my mouth, I just gave my urine a tasting note.



  1. Guess what I'll be cooking next time you guys are over...............

  2. EXCITED. Have extra air freshener in the bathroom. Alcohol + Asparagus