Monday, February 8, 2010

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So winter's kind of slinking along, with no end in sight. We've gotten virtually no snow this year, which makes it all the more incredible how salty the roads and my car remains. Why salt if there is no snow or ice? Huh? I thought we were supposed to be more environmentally conscious? What happened to that? You know, living in a socialist state and all, I expect greater things from my government.

Exciting start to the new year. You have to find things to be excited about, no? Even if things are still kind of shitty. You know the crazy single old man who lives with 5 animals in a dinky apartment? I might turn out like that, substituting the dogs with wine. Not a good look. But there was the UGC Bordeaux Tasting - please take a look. And for some reason, I've been on an online buying tear. Loading up on camera equipment. And I just bought 2 packs of rechargeable batteries. Will the quality of the photos improve here? You tell me.

Trying to keep things interesting, mes amis. I try my best to keep you entertained. Really, it takes a special kind of dumbass to write 100 posts a month.


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