Saturday, February 6, 2010

Prepping for a grand dinner

Dinner with Joseph, Poling and Jacqueline May, 07 003a

I got up quite early today, a Saturday. I'm having friends over for an early Chinese New Year dinner, and I need to prepare. These friends are always wonderful to cook for, because they understand food. And the wines we drink together are always epic. The photo above shows a bottle we enjoyed in May of 2007, a 1986 Château La Lagune, Troisièmes Grands Crus Classés, AC Haut-Médoc. My tasting notes are somewhere. It was a wine from my birth year, perfectly mature and beginning to slowly descend from its peak.

I have the wines prepared - a pair of 1995 red wines, one of Pomerol, the other of Pommard. It'll be an interesting exercise, to see how a Bordeaux and a Burgundy does at the same level of maturity. Of course, paired with simple, flavoursome dishes - no need to get fancy. Do what you're capable of...this is no time for experimentation.

Off to do my piano rounds - prepping and cooking begins at 3. I'll document as much as I can. Here we go again!


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