Thursday, February 4, 2010

To be clear...

I don't know how my online persona comes off to people, because you're never an accurate judge of yourself - but I reserve the right to be an asshole if you take my photos and post them without asking my permission. Yes, that is my property. Yes, it is stealing.

Come on, it's common sense. You want to use my photo, and use my blog to further your own interests, that's all fine - just have the courtesy to send me an email first.

But no, I won't name names, even though this person stole my photo without crediting me, and "disagreed" about what I wrote in the post. I'm not that much of an ass.



  1. Yep, "borrowing" photos is unethical and actually is illegal. Glad you care!

  2. Thanks timm! I'm holding off from naming this person, but come on!! Not that hard of a concept to understand.

  3. i use some of photos i found in website or blogs but i'd always asked to the author the permission. It's a minimum of good manners & at first a problem of right! & it can be pleasant when the authors are kind!

  4. Exactly, Cyril. My point exactly.