Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tricks in the bag


A bit of apprehension. Having a bit of trouble figuring out what dishes to present this Saturday. You have to keep cooking new things right? Steak and pan-seared fish only get you so far.

It's hard. Hats off to the real chefs who actually have to be creative for a living. There's a romantic notion that all you have to do is visit the market everyday and cook what's fresh, but it's so much more than that, when people expect greatness out of each dish. It's difficult.

So, do I have anything new? Any more tricks I've picked up? Who knows. Palatable or not, at least it'll be an adventure.

Photo, courtesy of ROKChoi.



  1. yeah just keep experimenting its like wine if you drink the same stuff you will never expand your palate, also Real good Chef Cookbooks [not the TV chefs] like the books I have on my website

  2. For sure. I've always resisted reading cookbooks - I've never been able to follow a recipe. But I'll take a look!