Monday, February 8, 2010

Wine for dinner - 1995 Pommard Premier Cru

1995 Pomerol/Pommard

To pair with our 1995 Pomerol, a Burgundy of the same vintage. We hear so much of this supposed rivalry between the Bordelais and the Bourguignons - the only way to settle things is to taste. So, a 1995 Remoissenet Pére & Fils Pommard-Épenots, AC Pommard Premier Cru.

The bottle's thickness and weight rivals that of a Champagne. Really unnecessary. So, with about $250 worth of wine, I had high, high expectations. Same cool temperature as the Bordeaux, stood up for the same amount of time. Ok, 3 hours before dinner, time to start prepping the wines. And this is how you do it..............


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