Saturday, March 13, 2010

2007 Franken


2007 Bürgerspital Würzburg Silvaner Kabinett Trocken, Würzburger Pfaffenberg, QmP Franken

Ok, I'll be honest - I bought this bottle mainly because of the bottle. A wine of Franconia, bottled in a bocksbeutel. These round, flat containers are traditionally used for the finest wines of Franconia, in this case, a silvaner. Humble varietal, but this vineyard is interesting.

Pale colour, citrus, just a hint of minerality. Lean, crisp, lacking a bit of weight on the palate. Maybe it's because it's a Trocken, a dry wine - alcohol is a bit heavier, and it shows in the mouth. Finishes slightly bitter. Interesting, but this is as good as it gets for a silvaner. Now if LCBO released a riesling in a bocksbeutel...


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