Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2008 Bordeaux

2008 Chateau D'Argadens

2008 Château d'Argadens, AC Bordeaux

Have you heard? I really love dry white Bordeaux. While you're there, check what I wrote about Pessac-Léognan Blanc. These wines are racy, lean, and have so much character. So much more character than the vast majority of junk being produced in Bordeaux.

This is just a humble little Bordeaux Supérieur - but far outperforms its reputation. Bright colour, lots of green, lots of spiciness on the nose. With such a young wine, we're getting just a snapshot of what it can become - with about 35% semillon, I have no doubt that with age, it will fill out, get richer, get creamier.

With our fish and oysters, just fabulous. All tension, and green peppers, and acidity. I can't wait for my 2007 Bordeaux blanc to start coming in.


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