Friday, March 5, 2010

2009 Mendoza

2008 Cristobal 1492

2009 Cristobal 1492 Chardonnay, Mendoza

A chardonnay of Argentina. You know, I don't drink as much South American wine as I should. Although this is a chardonnay. Authenticity goes out the window when you want to make a wine with an internationally recognized name. To make money is the highest virtue, no?

Pale yellow, very lacking in colour. But, very fresh nose, all flowers and citrus. Nice. Lean, high acidity, but with good roundness in the mouth. Delicious. Very well-balanced, alcohol is extremely well integrated.

Bravo. Bravo for making a balanced, varietally correct wine that's eminently drinkable. Went so well with our oysters, which I'll write about next. What a great surprise from Mendoza.


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