Wednesday, March 31, 2010



This is the extent to which men should accessorize their suits. Lapel pin, crown. Paul Smith silk handkerchief. That's it. If you use a lapel pin, don't use a tie bar or a collar bar. If you use a tie bar, don't use a pin. Simple concept. And don't match your handkerchief to your tie. Spare us all the eyesore and please, please don't match.

But you see how the way you tuck the handkerchief completely changes the character of your look. I stick to linen mostly, square. Sharp, clean, very dignified. But with silk handkerchiefs, having the points out just seems.......more interesting. More character. I don't use silk very often but when I out ladies. Watch out.

Photo, courtesy of ROKChoi. Many thanks.


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