Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Doctor

Dr. Bourassa

This is what you wear to a tasting that decrees a business attire dress code. Paul Stuart wool jacket, 3 button, single vent. Franco cotton shirt, spread collar. Hugo Boss silk tie, with burgundy accents. Can't see them, but Aquascutum, grey checked pants. Regal brown shoes. No linen this time - I needed the pocket to put my sunglasses in. Of course, a tie bar, because you don't want your tie to dip into the spit bucket.

I have come to the conclusion that tasting and judging young claret is an utterly futile exercise, leaving the taster with nothing but a mess of tannin-stained teeth. But these tastings are so fun. I met this gentleman. The Doctor really knows how to work a room. You know one of those cats that seem to know everyone? He introduced me to some of his buddies, including the next gentleman...


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