Friday, March 5, 2010

Four more oysters

Right, the oysters. I bought 4 more different varieties of oysters last week. Apologies, thousands of, for not documenting. But life shouldn't be experienced behind a viewfinder. So I put the camera away and gorged myself on the sweet, succulent texture that only the freshest raw oyster flesh possesses. The 4 were all good - 2 from British Columbia, 2 from Washington.

The French Kisses from Washington were briny, with good minerality, crisp and translucent. The Fanny Bay, also from Washington, were meaty, fleshy, and very rich. The Wattaki, from British Columbia, were sweet, creamy, with pleasant marine flavours. And finally, the Shigoku, from British Columbai, was the clear star of the night. They were so incredibly sweet, so round in texture, so palate perfect in size, texture, and flavour.

Man, I love oysters.


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