Monday, March 22, 2010

Just the heads


Some people just have no taste. Or rather, simply have palates akin to the stupid neighbourhood dog that likes sniffing crotches. Went to the fish shop this weekend. They had a bag of salmon heads lying on the counter, three of them. My senile father insisted on picking them up - I don't really care, normally, but his problem is that he insists on making you eat them as well, even though I clearly, clearly tell him everytime that I'd rather eat dog food. So, we went through the same routine - I said just to make things clear now, I won't be touching those. You know how kids throw tantrums until they get what they want? Well, middle-aged men do too. And you can't slap middle-aged men (in public at least), especially your father, because that's just........anyways.

How bad must the fish be that the store doesn't even charge money for them? I mean, this was going straight to the dump - I guess they'd feel too guilty about asking you to pay for, literally, garbage. We got home, and of course, of course, two of the three heads were beginning to rot, with the third following closely behind. Mush. Since we were sticking to the script, my father insisted that I eat this shit along with him.

I told him where he could stick his fish heads, and we haven't talked since.



  1. David, fish heads are delicious! I can't believe you don't like them. Whenever we eat fish at home or out, the head is the first part I dig into! Salmon heads are slightly trickier to cook, but they can still be extremely flavourful!

    Also, I hope things get better soon with your daddy.

  2. i lol'd
    but i do agree that fish heads can be good if they're fresh. there's a reason why they were free
    if you go to Galleria, the Korean super market. they have fish heads and bones that they sell fairly cheaply that were just the left over from the sashimi they make. If you make stock with this, it can be delicious

  3. Yeah, not so much about the fish heads, but about the fact that they didn't cost anything and the meat was beginning to turn grey.

    I'm pretty sure he's laughing about me envisioning slapchopping my father in public.