Thursday, March 18, 2010

Male bloggers...........dogs?

A piece in today's Globe and Mail: Why are blogger's male? I don't even care about the fact that she's arguing how stupid men are. I don't care that she wrongly asserts that most bloggers are males because we love dicking around online. What's unforgivable is her idea that bloggers (male or otherwise) have nothing to say.

So misguided. This woman is getting paid to write, right? Clearly, she's never read a (properly written) blog before in her life. You know, using tired stereotypes and clichés as a basis for your weak argument is fine and all - just not what a writer for a nationally distributed, highly reputable newspaper should be presenting. What's next...all male bloggers are balding, paunchy men in their late 30's, living in mom's basement?

Real blogs have credibility, and are based on subject matter - not just a medium where:

Opinionizing in public is a form of mental jousting, where the aim is to out-reason, out-argue or out-yell your opponent.

No, we write about specific topics, backed by well-researched arguments. We have a story to tell, and a distinct viewpoint. And we do it all without being paid.

I have a lot of female friends who blog. Each is unique, and is subject matter oriented. So to paint all bloggers with such a vicious broadstroke is not only ignorant, it's laughable. The hack continues that:

Perhaps you've noticed that most of the comments on these websites are not terribly sophisticated. They contain a large insult quotient, even when they come from people with advanced degrees. They remind me of nothing so much as a bunch of 12-year-olds holding peeing contests in the snow.

I encourage this hack writer to research fully on the variety of blogs out there. Sure, many are filth. But as a member of a community that's slowly driving out traditional media and publications like the Globe, I have reason to take offense at the nonsense being slung at us by paid columnists.



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