Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ontario Oatmeal Stout


Brasserie McAuslan Brewery St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout

I love stout. Just love rich, thick beers. Yes, I'm a Guinness man. I like St. Ambroise - really enjoyed their pale ale. Took the advice of the gent at the Beer Store - unfortunately, this is brewed in Quebec, so it doesn't fit in to my search for an Ontario beer. But, I was really tempted. Really tempted. Because this beer is spectacular.

Dark colour, soy sauce. Mousse is brown, very fine. Has all the incredible roasted character I'm looking for in a stout, deliciously bitter espresso, caramel aromas and flavours. Long finish. This beer is wonderful - stout is one of those beers that people have a hard time understanding, which is a shame. A profound beer, that dammit, is not from Ontario.

Still on the search for a profound Ontario beer.



  1. St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout was rated as the best beer in Canada...
    Have you tried Granite's Best Bitter Special? You would have to go to the brewpub on Eglinton Ave. East to get it.

  2. No doubt, this is a good one. Haven't, would have to drive down to all the good pubs, then worry about RIDE program getting back up...but summer's coming!