Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Prepping sea cucumbers


While we still have some, I'm going to keep writing about sea cucumbers. The undisputed King of Seafoods. You've seen how it is dried, as well as the final dish. This is what it looks like in between. Soaked in water for a week, then cleaned. That's the hardest step - there's a thick layer of hard, almost rocky innards caked inside the body. The membranes have to be removed without damaging the flesh - 10 minutes of pulling and scraping feel akin to scratching boulders with bare nails and knuckles. Once cleaned, they go into the pressure cooker, and emerge glistening and soft, plumping up to 5 times their original size. We keep these soaked in water, in the fridge for another few days. Then, sliced into thick chunks, to create the most amazing braised dish...


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