Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Saying goodbye to my trainer

Yesterday was my final workout session with my trainer. It's been a year (March 5) since I started going real hard at the gym, and 12 months later, the change has been quite dramatic. Stronger, faster, harder everywhere.

It's a bit sad. I really enjoyed working with my (third) trainer. Great guy. Not stacked, not big - looks nothing like what you'd expect a trainer to look like, but being a kinesiology major, he clearly knew what he was talking about. His advice, I dutifully ignored everytime. When my shoulder hurt, I kept going hard. When both my wrists hurt, I kept going hard. And when my left calf hurt (still does), I kept (still am) going hard. What can I say - I pound it hard.

Many thanks to my trainer. I wrote a testimonial for him, as per our agreement. Name taken out, of course.

What makes a trainer special? Four trainers in, I believe that there are three keys: thorough knowledge of the human body, respect for the client's goals, and most importantly, honesty. Honest with the client as to what can, and can't, be achieved. Junior Trainer embodies all three of these keys, and much more. He helped me achieve my goals, and in the process, taught me how to maintain and further my current fitness levels. After all, we can't be with our trainers forever. Junior Trainer's broad knowledge of even the most minute muscle groups brings a scientific perspective to his workouts. Always changing things up, always keeping it exciting, and always making sure it's challenging - that is why Junior Trainer is the best trainer I've ever worked with.


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