Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sea urchin, Part I

Sea urchin

Sea urchins, bought on Saturday, which I alluded to here. Alas, they didn't turn out as transcendant as I had expected. But, learned a lot about how to handle them, which is most important to me.

Sea urchins. I loved eating them when I was in Tokyo, referred to by the Japanese as uni. Actually, I should clarify - the edible orange/yellow gonads inside are called uni. Bought fresh and live, with red seaweed still stuck to the spikes. Extraordinary. The anatomy of these gems is very interesting - like flat peaches, they have a little dent in the bottom where the mouth is. See the pit in the middle? That's where you see a little opening, with 5 jagged looking teeth.

Spikes are not impossible to handle with bare hands, but I used my towel just in case. Sensitive skin, you see.


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