Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Venison, cooked two ways


So, I halved the piece of venison, to make two preparations. The first piece, I wanted to do really simply - seasoned 5 minutes prior, seared really hard in olive oil, basted in butter. No oven. The second piece, seared in olive oil, whole peppercorns, rosemary, whole cloves of crushed garlic, and bay leaves. The gaminess of the meat comes through, but the texture is just extraordinary. Tender, silky even. Very flavoursome. I think if the meat was dried, the taste of game would come through even more. Finishes slightly sour.

I actually served this with a solera sherry - the sweetness brought a bit of richness to the meat. Delicious all around. Many thanks to my buddy who brought over the venison...we'll have to do this again!



  1. how was this?
    i've never had this before

  2. I thought it was delicious, but because I didn't put it in oven, it came out just about raw. Not even rare, raw. I felt like a man eating it.