Sunday, April 4, 2010



I can't remember the last time I've drank so much over a 3-day period. Going out for a long run soon - need to detox because I'm pretty sure it's not good to get on a 15 hour flight with a hangover. Pressurized cabin, cramped seating, ugly flight attendants, shitty food, and all.

We had friends over for dinner last night. Was talking wine to one of our guests, when we were rudely interrupted. You see why I don't like cooking dinner for more than 8 people? Anyways, good to see everyone again, and a great excuse to quietly polish off two 6-packs.

---Blogger's note, 4:47 pm:

So, just came back from my run, legs hurt, toes hurt, but otherwise, still breathing. Ran 10 km in 38:05.17, about 5 minutes off my time from a year ago. Good stuff, especially since I wasn't at my best today - not enough food going in, not enough water, alcohol still swimming in my veins. Hoping to get that time down to about 35 minutes, but a good start. The Don River ravine was full of people today. Which makes it a bit annoying - constantly swerving to avoid running over toddlers begins to feel like razor blades are attached inside the shoe, cutting into your ankles everytime you roll.

More wine tonight - finishing up a bottle of Nahe riesling...the next time I'll be touching any wine, it'll be in another country.


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