Monday, April 5, 2010

Until we see each other again...


I leave for Shanghai tomorrow morning. It's going to be a difficult trip - we'll be burying my grandfather. I jump at the chance to visit the motherland, but not under these circumstances. No, not like this.

I haven't been thinking about this trip - no itinerary planned, no activities, not sure of the places I want to visit. We'll see what happens when we get there. What I do have is my camera - looking to really put my wide angle to good use. And of course, a big part of this trip is going to be the food that's coming into season. Lots of copious note-taking, lots of photos, and hopefully, I'll come back from the trip with new culinary inspiration.

Blogging is not going to happen while I'm there. I'm certain of it. Will be missing the start of En Primeur madness in Bordeaux, but that's ok. I've heard of some interesting wine bars and shops opening in Shanghai - guess I'll have to see for myself. World Expo 2010 opening soon as well. So, mes amis, hope everyone stays well as we head into spring...I'll see you in a month.


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