Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Drip, drip, drip

Leaky design

This is what happens when aesthetics take over function, completely. I know the designers wanted these umbrellas to look pretty, but did it ever occur to any of them that the first (and most important) obligaton of an umbrella is to keep the rain out? Huh? Curved both ways like a UFO, with a hole in the middle, constructed in a porous, translucent material. The water not only comes in through the centre hole and fabric, the design of the thing ensures that water droplets roll over the edge, and continue coming along the bottom piece.

The result? Everyone sitting underneath is soaked with the dripping water. I was miserable. Because of the construction, we weren't able to go into any of the international pavilions. The restaurants were jam packed and quite literally out of food. The wind was blowing and I was battling an especially nasty cold. And we didn't bring umbrellas.

I hope the idiots who designed these have been dealt with. You know, just finished.


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