Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Porterhouse Pub

Bruin at the Porterhouse Pub

Found a pub right in the middle of the European area of the 2010 World Expo called Porterhouse Pub. Irish all around - people working behind the bar were mostly from Dublin, with a few locals. Nicely renovated, very cozy, I'd be very happy if I could find a place like this in Toronto. First time we went in, it was absolutely stuffed...no way you were finding a seat. Second time, around 3pm, after 5 hours of wandering around the Expo on an empty stomach, we finally found 2 spaces by the bar. Of course, starving, I ordered a Leffe Brune, a dark ale from this well known Belgian brewer. And it was wonderful. So were the chicken wings and chocolate mousse cake. Because as much as I wanted, I wasn't about to pay 200 RMB for fish and chips.


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