Sunday, May 2, 2010

Well, I'm back

Comrades, it's been a while. I've been settling in, back in Toronto, back home. It's been a tough trip, no doubt. Took care of business, but these trips back are always difficult. Catching up with family is wonderful at times, an ordeal in others. It's hard to remember not to be selfish and run out to explore my city and actually see some things. Because my trip is anything but my own, no? I have to capitulate to what other people want, always, because I can't be a prick and spend my money how I see fit. Am I that much of a fucking foreigner that none of these Oriental-isms make sense to me? I have to meet your lunatic family because.........why?

Shanghai is magnificent. Truly one of the great cities of the world, in many ways. I've kept a journal, taking detailed notes daily. I'll be more reflective later on, when I've distanced myself a bit more from this trip. I took less photos than I thought - 1298, about half of what I expected.

I've got nothing profound to write, at least today. The 2010 World Exposition has finally begun. Impressive all around, photos of the grounds and pavilions to follow. We were entertained quite often, and although I've gained some inspiration, culinary-wise, I gained more insight into how Shanghainese tastes run. The drinking was certainly fun. Nothing makes you feel more manly than polishing off a few bottles of fortified rice wine and still have the presence of mind to find my way home. I got sick a week in, badly. Not enough sleep, not used to the climate, unnaturally stressed - did I mention I was supposed to be on vacation? Still jetlagged on the way back, brutally.

Just bumbling on now, more later, when my photos are ready. In any case, this trip was very rewarding. Shanghai's my city - I feel an inexplicable connection with her, one that I hope to share over the next few weeks.