Wednesday, June 23, 2010

At the end of things

Kirin Ichiban

And like that, my time in Shanghai was over. An exhausting turn through customs at Pudong International Airport - overweight luggage, new baggage content restrictions. But we got through, alive. Covered in sweat, a little aggravated, a little wired - I needed a beer. Good, simple, refreshing Kirin.

So what of my time here? As I've shared over the past month and a half or so, I saw a lot of new things, gained some new insight into Shanghai...overall a successful trip. Always good to see and spend time with family, to pay your respects to your ancestors, and to remember where you come from. Food's not bad either. Also, this trip marked the first time I actively looked to always shoot photos. Always looking around, always checking for opportunities for good shots - yes, at times I was the obnoxious guy with the camera, showing no regard for other people in a public space. Hope you enjoyed the photos, and of course, always looking to improve.

Many thanks for your patience. These few weeks of writing exclusively about my trip have given me an opportunity to take a break from wine writing. I needed a break, to continue developing how I write about wine. As I return to this blog's proper subject matter, I hope that my writing is more articulate, more relevant, and more enjoyable to read. Here we go again!


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