Monday, July 5, 2010

Bier Markt, Toronto



Went with friends to Toronto's Bier Markt, on the Esplanade. With the whimsical spelling, and the general consensus that this was the top beer destination in the city, I had high expectations. Left feeling, well, just a little underwhelmed. Service was great, the interior is nice and dark, but the patio is located right next to the street - dust and traffic noise are a problem. Food was expensive - acceptable had it been more reasonably priced, but at those prices, I expected more than soggy poutine and overcooked mussels. The charcuterie plate was wonderful, although portions were lilliputian, a disaster when you're charging $19.

The beer. Since the Markt claims to offer a comprehensive selection of Belgian beers, that's where I went first. Of the beers on tap, nothing too exciting beyond the corporate standbys - Hoegaarden headlines. The beer I had above, De Koninck, very good actually. But that was it - the selection on tap, not that vast. The rest of our afternoon, spent drinking their Belgian beer sample (skunky, cheap brews), and a very, very good American I.P.A., Dogfish Head.

A very expensive way to drink some not so rare beers, but what do I know.



  1. If you are by the lake and for something interesting, why don't walk 3 mins from Bier Markt to "C'est What?" on Front St.? They are serving Hemp Ale, Rye Beer and Ginger Wheat on Draught. Lemon Tea Ale and Dead Elephant Ale by bottle...
    For Belgian beers and mussels, I would go to Smokeless Joe on John St. between Queen and King. They even have a hand pump for real ale!

  2. I've been to C'est What?
    interesting selection of beer, i had the Hemp Ale and it wasn't bad (didn't get high) and that lamb's go next time!!

  3. Paul, thanks for the suggestions, guess I'll have to try them all out!

    ROKChoi, as soon as you get a Saturday off!