Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Julie's Cuban

The real deal

Now, the real reason I ventured into the heart of downtown Toronto - for mojitos at Julie's Cuban Restaurant. Authentic Cuban food, done by Cubans - it doesn't get better than that. We were tired, sweaty, a bit inebriated from earlier - a round of mojitos was just perfect. I've been searching for a properly made mojito, and I got it here. Vigorously muddled mint, fresh lime, perfectly balanced. The guacamole, a bit under-seasoned, but good texture. The vaca frita, a Cuban meat, rice, and black bean dish was savoury, meat slightly overcooked, but flavoursome. The seafood paella was absolutely delicious. I'm Chinese, so I'm a bit picky with rice dishes, but the paella was fantastic.

I ended up having at least 5 mojitos. My friend and I managed to stumble back into the subway, back up north to safety. Queen is just unscrupulous at night. Caught up to another buddy's birthday dinner just in time for cake. Still breathing alcohol fumes as we sung happy birthday.


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