Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mulberries and liqour

Mulberry wine

My paternal ancestry is from the coastal town of Ningbo, in the southeast Chinese province of Zhejiang. This is a fortified fruit wine that they make. The mulberry tree grows everywhere in the region, and enjoys the reputation of producing fruit of high quality - perfect for making these wines. Picked at their ripest, the mulberries are dropped into a 52% Chinese sorghum liquor, usually Maotai, and aged for 1-2 years. We managed to bring a few jars of this treasure back, and it's been sitting, forgotten, in the back of the fridge for at least 5 years. I finished our first jar a while back, and I'm holding onto two more, although a taste of this has me convinced that I better start drinking soon.

What's extraordinary is that the wine has lost a lot of the flavour and the alcohol - everything has been absorbed into the fruit. Four or five of them, and the room starts spinning. Complex flavour, with the texture remaining firm, the most delicious berries in all the world.


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