Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NV Ambonnay

Marguet Père & Fils Blancs de Noirs

NV Marguet Père & Fils Blancs de Noirs Brut, AC Ambonnay

Champagne is the dream, always. Everyone talks about desert island wines; I hate these idiotic clichés, but apparently, you can't be a successful blogger without resorting to them, so here we go - if I were forced at gunpoint to name a desert island wine, it would probably be a Champagne. And I won't go into how only wines produced in the region of Champagne can be called a Champagne, because if that concept eludes you, I don't care much for you as a human being. I've been drinking, dear reader.

This is a special bottle to me. I've been holding onto it for a few years - the disgorgement date isn't labelled, but I have reason to believe that it was disgorged around late 2006, early 2007. The British palate dictates that nonvintage Champagne deserves at least 18 months of bottle age before it's acceptable to be drunk, so I faithfully tried to adhere to that unspoken rule - the results turned out quite well for me.

A small producer, this wine has a beautifully deep gold colour, with flecks of orange fire. Such freshness, almost green aromas. I always thought it silly that people detected apple core in wine bouquets - wtf is apple core? I kind of understand it's definitely an apple aroma, but the acidity is so high that, yes, it does smell like the portion you wouldn't eat. Autolysis character present, very well integrated - I took my time with this bottle (as with all my wines) and after 24, then 48 hours, it becomes more rich, more round, more delicious.

Damn, and it figures that I have to pay over $50 for such a wine experience. Sugar mammas, email this gentleman.


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