Monday, July 12, 2010

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Summer's here, in a big way. If you thought 2007 was going to be a blockbuster vintage for Niagara, wait for 2010. Warm winter, early budbreak, sudden and dramatic heatwaves? All the elements to make big wines.

At almost 3 years in and 1800 posts of La Cave de Fang, it's time for some change. No more blind writing - a photo (good, preferably) and story with each one. Getting into the habit of bringing my camera everywhere, skin thickening as I shamelessly get into random people's faces to get a shot. Yeah, I'm turning into that guy. Running around downtown shooting the G20 protests was harrowing, but a life-changing experience. And since we need to enjoy this weather for the few months we get it, trying to head downtown more. So, here's to more eating, more drinking, and more making merry!


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