Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Repo Men


Watched Repo Men recently with a friend - I can't say it induced us to start drinking, but the wine certainly helped dull the ludicrous plot, spotty acting, sadistic gore. But there was one highlight - I love the fact that Toronto is displayed so prominently. Set 25 years in the future, but the streetcars are still '70's era relics. Guess Miller's Transit City plan didn't really pan out. Pearson Airport, in all its brightly lit, sans-serif glory. Alice Braga is simply stunning. I'm in love.

I don't get it. A few details indicate that the city is Asian, vaguely Japanese - a few quick shots of Japanese store signs, characters on receipts. Doesn't seem like a dystopian kind of government - but why would a corporation be given leeway to kill people at will, in the most gruesome manner, just for defaulting on payments? No one blinks an eye when bodies show up, mutilated with organs missing? This movie plays like an organ trafficker's wet dream.

TTC was also given a nice cameo - clearly the Bloor/Danforth line, clearly the same stupid automated voice system and fuzzy red polyester seats in place, grimy stations and all. Maybe it's because of budget considerations, maybe the director was just lazy, but all of TTC's markings were intact - logo, door warnings, train numbers. Yeah, Torontonians got a good look at the future of our public's like time stood still, not far off from the probable truth.

The Volkswagen product placement was unfortunate. Touaregs? Really?? Have them drive at least something like the Phaeton, not a mediocre SUV with suspect build and performance - come on guys, you can do better. Ending a little cheesy, no? Yeah, let's just blow up the lifeline of this all-powerful, all-encompassing multinational corporation. Even though the frenemies just tried to kill each other a few scenes ago, they're suddenly sipping umbrella drinks on a beach, and.............wait a minute, wait a minute......that's the twist ending??!!

Did I mention the ludicrous plot?


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