Sunday, August 15, 2010

2001 Rheingau

2001 Schloss Schönborn Riesling

2001 Schloss Schönborn Riesling, QbA Rheingau

Second wine of the night for Rieslingfest, and we're going a bit forward in time to 2001. This wine shows much more age, with a darker colour, shimmering gold. Riper on the bouquet, lots of lanolin cream minerality, honey - palate is rich, with lots of sweetness and stewed fruits. Softening acidity, but this wine is just delicious right now. A very textural wine, great length.

The general consensus around the table was that this was a bit too sweet for everyone's taste. I thought it remained balanced - rich, yes, but with good extract and acid. Drunk with the striped bass soup and seared fillets, just sublime, the fish helping to temper down the residual sugar.


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