Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2007 Vinsobres

2007 Perrin & Fils Vinsobres

2007 Perrin & Fils Les Cornuds, AC Vinsobres

I did something stupid here that I've never, ever done before. I forgot that I had ever drank it. So stupidly, I saw it on release, and scooped it up, thinking that I last drank the 2006. Oops. At least the 10 months or so between the tastings helped the wine develop a bit.

I was cooking lamb shank, and wanted something herbal, more wild, maybe even a bit jammy. So a Vinsobres, decanted for 20 hours, chilled. A dark wine, lots of crushy fruit, but with a linear minerality that actually helps absorb the alcohol. It's not a bad wine, not at all. But I have over-exaggerated a bit when I drank it last November (click on that red link!). With the lamb, delicious.

These wines apparently don't change, in terms of assemblage. Always at 50% each of syrah and grenache, and for such a heralded Rhône vintage such as 2007, sometimes the wines show more explosiveness and modernity than in a more subdued (less highly scored) vintage. These wines are jammy, certainly impressive, but are they regional? Do they have character? I love syrah, but not necessarily like this.


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