Monday, August 30, 2010

2008 Alsace

2008 Jean Geil Riesling

2008 Jean Geiler Riesling Lieu-dit Sonnenburg, AC Alsace

You know, for an inexpensive Alsatian riesling bottled under a composite cork, this is a surprisingly good wine. Very good in fact, one of the most enjoyable bottles of Alsace wine I've drank in many, many months. And a single-vineyard bottling as well!

Just very pleasantly surprised at the delicious tropical fruit character, the mineral elements, creamy texture . . . this is a good one. High acid, helping it to hold on well even on its third day. Very, very delicious indeed. Complete, balanced - I thought I could never really love a dry riesling, after all my rhapsodizing about Mosel, but if more Alsatian wines are made like this, then yes, I'm going to keep an open mind.


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