Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2008 Terre di Chieti

2008 Riseis Pecorino

2008 Agriverde Riseis Pecorino, IGT Terre di Chieti

So every wine drinker who thinks they have somewhat of a palate is wailing on the values of indigenous Italian whites. Pecorino certainly fits that bill - no one's heard of it, it's hard to find, and I'm pretty sure no one genuinely likes drinking it.

Kidding. I bought this wine as sort of an intellectual exercise, to at least say that, yes, I've tasted a pecorino. Not surprisingly delicious like an assyrtiko, or even an insolia wine, but certainly interesting. An Italian wine through and through - there's an absolute lack of any fruit. Greenish, straw-ish, rustic like nothing else. Holds up well over 3 days, good texture. But did I enjoy drinking it? Intellectually, yes. Sensually . . . well, at least it was interesting. You know what always works though? Ice cold Havana Club white rum.


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