Wednesday, August 4, 2010

2009 Côtes du Roussillon

2008 Saint-Roch Grenache Blanc/Marsanne

2009 Saint-Roch Grenache Blanc/Marsanne Vielles Vignes, AC Côtes du Roussillon

People who like white Rousillon (or white Rhône for that matter) are special. Special in the best possible way, of course. You're sort of out and proud by drinking these wines right, all unabashedly hipster-ish? Yeah, you've got to be. These are funky wines, and I see producers are looking to change that odd image these wines (unjustly) suffer from. Look at the bottle! That's the most modern looking bottle design I've seen in months, and I haven't exactly been drinking only old Burgundies.

I don't know these wines. Honesty is key, right. So I was so excited to drink that one night, I just opened it. Like an incredibly aggravating itch, I pulled out my corkscrew, stem, and scratched away. Good wine, all floral and fresh citrus. A linear, clean wine, that would actually benefit from a few years of age. Nice surprise, but this is a modern wine, not that that's an issue - this wine does show varietal character, balance, and all those good things.

Now - the big question - would I actively search for white Roussillon? I don't think so. I don't think I will. It's a good wine and all, but there's a lot of good white wines in the world. We need something a bit more, no?


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