Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boil, then peel


First things first . . . I just saw my first police takedown. I was driving in the north part of Toronto, in the financial district, when I saw 3 squad cars racing around an intersection. I heard tires squeal, as if someone was braking very hard. Then, to my utter shock, I see the officers jump out, guns drawn. Wow. They had cornered a white sedan in, from all sides and were yelling at the driver to get out. As I slowly drive pass the intersection, I see them drag the guy out, kneeing him on the ground and putting cuffs on. He was wearing white sneakers.

Wow. Well done. I didn't know Toronto police were like that - that was totally like a cop show. Clean, precise, and very, very fast. I'm just glad no one decided to start shooting.

Right, so we've been eating a lot of lobster recently. In the spirit of summer, clean flavours, and minimal manipulation, all we do is boil them, peel them, then devour them with a rice vinegar sauce. I've discovered that nothing satisfies a monster hunger quite like lobster. Delicious. Wait until you see what we did with the shells.


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