Monday, August 9, 2010

Rieslingfest - Cured hams

Prosciutto, plated

Thanks to some gastronomically intrepid friends, we now have a new addition to our dinner table - a platter of cured hams, a sort of break in between courses. The meats are from Grande Cheese Factory, in Toronto, on Orfus and Dufferin. The most amazing hams there, and so many varieties. The one on the right, with the slightly brown colour is a Spanish prosciutto - not Iberico ham, but delicious, with a peppery layer on the outside. On the left is an Italian parma prosciutto. Rich, and silky, it'll make you think all sorts of naughty things.

I don't have weird eating habits, but you need to make love to each strip with your mouth.


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