Friday, August 6, 2010

Rieslingfest - Fish soup

Milky, fresh, delicious

Same fish, cooked two ways. Striped bass, bought live, absolutely nothing wasted. So, fillet the fish and sear, finishing on beets. Done. What to do with the bones, head, and tail? A traditional Shanghainese fish soup, of course. Seared in vegetable oil, then dropped into aggressively boiling water.............then you wait. If it is meant to be, the broth will turn milky and rich. Drop in tofu, and season. Plate with thinly sliced green onion. Of course, plenty of meat is left, so make sure you take the fish out and eat - after all, the cheeks and tail of a fish are the most tender and delicious parts.

This turned out as perfect as I could ever have hoped for. The highlight of the entire meal.


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