Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rieslingfest - Oven roasted porgy

Porgies, ready to go in

Some old standbys for dinner. Trying to refine everytime, trying to make it more flavoursome, more delicious. Porgy, oven-roasted with lots of sea salt, lemon, basil, and olive oil. Simple, yet delicious. In the oven, 160° Celcius, for 50 minutes. The basil makes it so fragrant, and if it comes out properly from the oven, the meat flakes off, staying moist and tender. My goodness, so simple, but when it's done right, it's just so right.

Don't try to clean this fish at home - get the fishmonger to do it for you. It has what resembles dragon scales - tightly packed, impenetrable. When I was buying the fish, one of the barbs on the head poked through my middle finger as I was digging through the ice. Blood started pouring out, and with no tissue in sight, I walked around the store with my finger in my mouth. Dirty digit, just rummaged in raw fish ice, drinking my own blood - good times, and infinitely worthwhile for good fish.


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