Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rieslingfest - Prawns, in wine

B.C. prawn, raw

I'm proudly Chinese, and this is how I show it. I eat shrimp raw. My buddy ROKChoi agrees with me, and so we ate a few of these prawns the freshest way possible. This is how we eat shrimp in ZheJiang province. Dunked in wine while they're still alive - the idea is that the shrimp drinks in the liquor, flavouring the meat. As soon as they stop twitching is when they're ready to eat.

These were interesting. Very firm texture, but not as sweet as we both thought it'd be. The meat has a strange, irony tinge. Certainly, these prawns are much better with some type of heat applied. This method of preparation is best suited for the type of lake shrimp only found in Southeastern China - shrimp smaller than a dime, but with the most amazing flavour and texture.

We're intrepid eaters, yes, but Chinese to the core, above all.


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