Friday, September 17, 2010

1997 Rheingau


1997 Balthasar Ress Riesling Spätlese, QmP Hattenheim Nussbrunnen, Rheingau

Oh yes, another mid-90's riesling. I had an interesting conversation with a very interesting lady a few weeks ago about wine. She was concerned that because she only enjoyed sweet white wines, she could never be a proper wine drinker. I tried to steer that conversation towards a dinner invitation, but alas, if only I was as charming in person as I am . . . here. In any case, I love sweet wines, if only for the balance that the residual sugar brings. As always, the least interesting thing about a proper sweet wine is the sweetness. Yes, everyone in agreement?

I love these older rieslings, even if it's just a Balthasar Ress. You can't just be drinking the hallmark Rheingau producers and claim a love for riesling - it's easy for people to say Ferrari makes great cars, but how many people can truly appreciate the greatness of, say, a late '80's Honda CRX? This wine pours a mature golden colour, oil and petrol, stewed apples and lovely honey. Minerality just shines as you keep exploring - sweet palate, with lots of honey drenched apples, with a just softening acidity to brace it up. Drinking beautifully now, with nicely resolving flavours and texture. This is a good one.

So, what of my lady friend? I need a drink.


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