Sunday, September 26, 2010

1998 Haut-Médoc

1998 Chateau Verdignan

1998 Château Verdignan, AC Haut-Médoc

To end off a weekend of drinking cabernet, a mature, humble Haut-Médoc that incidentally showed the most regional character of all 3 wines we drank. Isn't that how it always goes?

Dark, slightly dimming colour, with a youthful bouquet of fresh red berries and that graphite minerality that I look for in a good Haut-Médoc wine. Firm, plushy tannins, big structure, quite delicious in fact. After 24 hours in the bottle, it develops this savoury, meaty character, all the aspects of cabernet that I love. Palate becomes sweeter, fine texture, well balanced - very pleasant to drink.

So what did I come away with, after a weekend of cabernet wines? I still believe in this varietal, if done well. Too bad most producers (and consumers) think of cabernet as being rich and concentrated . . . this varietal has the ability to produce wines of great elegance and finesse in the right hands. I still enjoy drinking Bordeaux, but will traditional claret producers still be around in 20 years? If so, I'll still be drinking.


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