Thursday, September 9, 2010

2006 Haut-Médoc


2006 Château Belle-Vue, AC Haut-Médoc

I have so much affection for this estate - last drank the 2004, in what seems like an age ago. Look how I used to write! This wine satisfies those needs for a structured, well-made claret, without all the hype and corresponding price. Made in a more understated style, these wines nonetheless are very, very good. I have many bottles put away, and they didn't require the sale of an organ!

Look at how beautiful it is - double decanted, chilled, and all sorts of red and purple. This wine has all the vibrancy, all the freshness that good cabernet can achieve, with the creaminess and well-tempered oak that Belle-Vue does so well. Complex, fragrant, and so elegant. This is a great success, and the fine, linear tannins promise to integrate beautifully in 10 years.

You know the one drawback of this wine? The bottle is dead heavy, with unnecessarily thick glass. Why? Tradition? Marketing concessions? Why? No, I'm not being a smart-ass, I'm genuinely interested in knowing why. In any case - this is why I still enjoy drinking Bordeaux. In spite of what the hipster wine drinkers of America want you to believe, real wine is still being made in southwest France.


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